Revelar sesiones

Revelar sesiones are opportunities for undergraduates to learn from graduate student STEM Promotores about their experiences seeking and securing experiential learning opportunities, internships, and jobs in natural resources.  The purpose is to "reveal" some of the insider tips and tricks that might be otherwise unfamiliar if you've never done this before! 

Our first Revelar sesion was held on 14 October 2020, from 5-6 pm via Zoom.  

In case you missed it, here is the recording!

Here's the flyer:




Let's go!  Just do it!  In Spanish or English, many inspirational phrases refer to this vital slogan: go for it!

HSU's Academic Career and Advising Center (ACAC) offers many tips and services for finding jobs, including large list of job boards for those in life sciences.   

Managing a large list can seem overwhelming, and some job boards tend to be better for natural resource majors than others.  Here, we provide what we think are the "top 12" job boards for students interested in wildlife, fisheries, environmental sciences, forestry, and other natural resources sciences.

 The Top Twelve

#1.  Texas A&M Wildlife Job Board.  This is the most popular job board in wildlife and fisheries, many of the jobs listed here you will find on other job boards. Jobs, internships, volunteering, and graduate student opportunities.  You can search for volunteer, temporary, or permanent positions. etc.

#2. The American Fisheries Society.  This is the top place to look for jobs and internship opportunities in fisheries.

#3. World Aquaculture Society.  This is the top place to look for jobs and internship opportunities in aquaculture.

#4.  HSU's Foresty and Wildland Resources job board.  HSU's own department maintains an up-to-date job board for positions in forestry, soils, and watershed management.

#5. The Student Conservation Association.  Internships across the United States primarily in National Parks, State Parks, and National Wildlife Refuge. One time fee to sign up of $25.

#6. Point Blue Conservation Science.  This is a private organization renowned for groundbreaking research in ecology. The various internships available range in salary, location, and length of time.

#7. Latino Heritage Internship Program.  A website for paid internship applications across a variety of different National Parks, specifically for Latinx students.

#8. National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program.  Typically geared to be done over summer break, NSF funded, each experience is unique to the university hosting it.  Competitive, but usually well paid and offer excellent resume-building experiences.

#9. Conservation Job Board.  A job board for conservation jobs. Search by location, job type, and/or job category (botany, zoology, etc.) 

#10. State Departments of California.  The job board and application website for the state departments of California. This link will send you to the job search for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Remember to check other state agencies as well!  Here's a handy website with links to other state natural resource agencies.

#11. USA Jobs.  This is the main job board for all federal government positions.  Using search criteria, you can find positions in forestry, natural resources, wildlife, fisheries, and other environmental sciences.  Career advisors in ACAC can provide helpful tips on how to effectively search and apply for these federal positions.

#12. Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (PARC). Not many on this one but it is specific to herp jobs.